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Clear Steps To Transform Your Coaching Career

Internal changes. Business changes. Relationship to money. Marketing and more.


A 90 day program covering

What you need to make coaching awesome
Avoid Burnout | Clear Up Confusion | A Life You Want

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Coaches Burnout Everyday

  • "I need more clients"
  • "I’m so drained I don’t even have energy for my own training"
  • "I’ve been living month to month for too long"
  • "I feel like I can’t be away from the gym or everything will go wrong"
  • "I haven’t had a vacation in years"
  • "My schedule is packed, but I’m still not making it"


We’ve been there...more than once and we’ve helped hundreds of coaches transform.


“I walked out with a clear direction, new mindset, and a toolbox for running a successful business. I've gotten over 100x my return back, and I consider [working with Mike] to be one of the top 3 most important business decisions I've ever made.”

- Michael Cazayoux, Cofounder Brute Strength

The Fitness BUSINESS Is Different Than Being Fit.

There is no tactic that will change everything for you.
You get to become a successful coach by working on yourself.
like your clients who couldn’t lift a barbell when they started, but became strong individuals. You guided them through the process to develop capability that they didn’t have before.
The Strong Coach is designed to walk you through the steps of developing into your potential. It is a process that works from the inside out.


The Transformation Starts With You

  • Can you clearly describe the vision you have for your life and business?
  • Is what you want borrowed from what you see others doing?
  • Are you clear about why you are in this business?
  • Do you have boundaries to keep yourself fresh and energized?
  • Success For Your Clients And Career Flows From You.

    It’s deeper than a tactic or business plan.

    Getting Started Is Easy. You Owe It To Yourself.

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    Want to turn your coaching business around?

    Most coaches think they need more certifications or more experience. They think the answer is more.
    So they add more...and get more burned out.
    See what to do instead. Sign up for a 3 part email series that comes straight from the program. When you apply what you learn in this series, you’ll see positive results in your business.

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    What happens to clients if your only tactic is more volume? They break.

    What will happen to you if your only business tactic is to do more?

    Learn to coach yourself better and your coaching career will transform.


    Learn to protect and nourish your own energy and you’ll have it for others.


    Cultivate you personal power and you’ll become a powerful coach.


    What Is Holding You Back?

    Do you know what you want? - How to set a clear direction with vision

    Do you accomplish your goals? - How to set goals that powerfully pull you forward

    Feeling burned out? - How to manage your time so you stay energized

    Self-talk - The words you use in your own mind can hold you back or move you forward.

    Reality - How learning to listen without judgment will strengthen your relationships

    Leadership - People will go where you ask them to go

    Marketing - How to tell a story people want to be a part of

    Sharing your message - Concrete ways to get your message out

    Money - How to find and overcome the hidden scripts that make money feel hard


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