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A 90-day program to turn coaches into problem solving, program creating, lead generating  unstoppable forces of nature 

Marketing & sales (your business backbone)

 Business models for stability and scaling | Finally loving your work (and it loving you back)

The right business foundation can transform your life

Tired of late nights, early mornings, and budget vacations?


Wondering why your umpteenth certification hasn’t paid off financially?


Sick of seeing other coaches living large while you grind everyday with no progress?


Feeling drained, burned out, on edge, and ready to try almost any other career path?

Coaching should be amazing. It should also be profitable. Hell, it should be flexible and awesome. Why have coaches ever settled for less?

Everybody says:

  • Grind, grind, grind
  • You can always outwork the competition
  • Post to social more often
  • Cold call
  • Follow X new method

We say:

  • That’s so much bullsh*t
  • Why does the world owe you a successful business simply because you wanted it and wore yourself out?


There are no awards for who felt the most miserable while trying to succeed

Coaches everywhere get great at a valuable skill set and go out eagerly to improve people’s lives. It’s awesome...but then the problems start rolling in. 


It’s tough getting clients. Then it’s tough getting good clients. Clients think of your service like a commodity and they move on when they find someone cheaper. Or you get a few great clients, but can’t find more people like them.


The problem is that the coaching industry wasn’t built to teach coaches how to become great business people. To have a successful coaching business, you’ve got to think like an entrepreneur...a problem solver. 


The Strong Coach 90-Day Program helps coaches build from a brand new foundation. You’ll build sound business practices coupled with the tools, mindset, and community to overcome challenges. 


You can have a great time running a profitable business while helping exactly the kind of people you love to work with. We’ll help you get there.

Get started today, it’s easy

Step 1
Click Schedule A Call Now
You’ll get on a call with one of our coaches to discover the path forward for you. They’ll support you in clarifying what you want and creating action steps to get there.   


Step 2
Rebuild For Profit

You’ll have support every step of the way while you build a foundation ready to support a 6 figure business. By the end of the 90 days you’ll have built out a new product ready to market and sell. 


Step 3
Hello Coaching Entrepreneur Who Can’t Be Stopped

What will it feel like to have a schedule that keeps you energized, clients you love, and money to support the lifestyle you want? Hint: it feels good.

    Great clients are waiting for the right coach

    • There are great clients out there. 

    • They WILL spend money on a coach. 

    • They WANT to pay a rate high enough to value the investment.

    You can be that coach.

    Great clients are happy to pay for a great product. HOWEVER, they are looking for what accompanies a great product:

    • A clear message

    • Solid marketing

    • The balls to ask for the sale

    • Great business practices

    • Confidence of the results they can expect

    You need more than passion...a cookie cutter business formula doesn’t count as more

    The usual formula for business success:


    A + B = C is a formula. It works for numbers.


    You are more than a number.

    Here’s The Strong Coach version:

    That’s a virtuous cycle we can get behind.

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        The First Step For Every Coach In This Pandemic World Is To Get Online


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        “The Strong Coach 90-Day Program has been one of the most profound experiences I have been a part of.”


        - Mona Bitar


        The world will be moving to a new normal and it will need coaches. Make a plan. Pivot hard.


        “I lacked a lot of self-confidence to accomplish big dreams...It was extremely frustrating to have opportunities in front of me and not know what actions to take...The Strong Coach was like a missing link for the magic I’ve been casting over the years.” 

        Leo Savage

        Steel Mace Flow

        "The tools I’ve learned from The Strong Coach have helped me not only in my fitness and nutrition coaching, but has given me the tools to impact people outside of the gym as well.”



        “In the last 6 months of 2019, I scaled my biz to six figures and in October I had a 30k month (easily).” 



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