How to Pivot Your Coaching Business in 48hrs

Move online, grow your list, Become HIGHLY adaptable 

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Things Have Changed

Business Before The Coronavirus

  • You could put off building a list of clients and prospects

  • You could rely on people coming to you

  • You could supply the solution only to a narrow problem

After The Coronavirus Shutdown

  • We all realize the need to have a list of clients and prospects 

  • We see that seeking out and supporting people where they are is essential

  • Those who purposefully get to know and support their clients deeply can adapt as needed

Coaches who build robust business systems for finances, marketing, and client support can adapt and survive through almost anything. 

The Coronavirus has brought our normal to a stand still. Coaches who wait for this to blow over will be at a disadvantage. Now is the time when people need your support more than ever.



Things are changing everyday and will continue to do so. Practice adapting now. Put solid business practices in place to grow your list of people interested in what you offer. Learn to deliver value to your clients at a level that surprises and delights them. 


Bold measured action is the way forward now. Many coaches will freeze hoping to pick up where they left off. It is the coaches who use this time to adapt and build who stand to benefit from all of this new interest in being healthy.



The Way Forward

Get your business online

Already doing business online? Great. Otherwise, download our free guide “How to Move Your Coaching Business Online” to get set up online in 48hrs. 


Book your free Personalized Pivot Plan call

Simply offering something online won’t get you clients. We’ll help you make a new plan and start taking effective action. 


Pivot like a boss

Imagine becoming the person who can adapt while others freeze. 

Who can lead in uncertainty. 

Who can see opportunity when others are panicking.

Positive Change Is Closer Than You Think 

Step 1
Click Get Your Personalized Pivot Plan
Choose a time to talk with one of our coaches. They’ll discover what you want and help you decide the best path forward for your goals. 


Step 2
Join the next class 
You’ll have support from the head coach of your class, a mentor, the rest of your class, and the Strong Coach community. This personalized support structure brings progress quickly. 


Step 3
Blow past what used to hold you back
Get ready to have your 10 year goals happen in 5 years, your 5 year goals happen in 1, and your 1 year goals come in weeks or months. 


      Move Your Business Online Quickly


      Get our guide outlining the steps and software tools to quickly transition your coaching business online. 


      Many coaches have been wanting to move online for some or all of their business. 


      Now is the time to make your move. 


      • Move business online

      • Set up effective marketing

      • Grow your audience for current and future sales

      • Be a leader in your community 


      Adapt. Evolve. Respond. Embody what you want to teach your clients.


      “The Strong Coach 90-Day Program has been one of the most profound experiences I have been a part of.”


      - Mona Bitar


      The world will be moving to a new normal and it will need coaches. Make a plan. Pivot hard.


      “I lacked a lot of self-confidence to accomplish big dreams...It was extremely frustrating to have opportunities in front of me and not know what actions to take...The Strong Coach was like a missing link for the magic I’ve been casting over the years.” 

      Leo Savage

      Steel Mace Flow

      "The tools I’ve learned from The Strong Coach have helped me not only in my fitness and nutrition coaching, but has given me the tools to impact people outside of the gym as well.”



      “In the last 6 months of 2019, I scaled my biz to six figures and in October I had a 30k month (easily).” 



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