16 Week Business Mentoring Program for Coaches



A Complete Step-By-Step Proven System To:


T H E   P R O G R A M

Dive deeper into identifying your mission + vision and create the perfect plans for their execution as we co-create exactly what’s needed to live your perfect day and perfect life.


Get hyper-clear on who your ideal audience is and craft the perfect offering that will attract them to working with you in the months and years to come.


Create the systems for a consistent flow of ideal leads that allow you to fill your courses, workshops, events and schedule them easily.


FREEDOM is chunked-down into micro-steps with personal mentoring from Mike & Team of World Class Coaches to ensure your success is fast-tracked by not making the same mistakes they did in their journey…

...there’s a reason Strong Coach Graduates call it a Rocketship 🚀 😉

You’ll know exactly what the next step is, how to execute if effectively and overcome challenges + create leverage for yourself to flow in business and life. 


Prepare for your 10 Year Goals to become your reality inside a year and live the life of freedom now - not later.


And let’s be honest…


...we all know that growing a coaching business in the best of circumstances is difficult enough on your own.


The industry is saturated. It’s challenging to start a business when you don't know where to even start, or have the support system in place to help you keep taking action. 


And now, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis it's even harder...

The “Online Coaching” Gold Rush is well underway.


Getting the right support and strategies to thrive as a coach is not a luxury anymore…


it's an absolute MUST.


And the coaches who are investing in themselves and asking for support are thriving right now - just like Gunnar and Kevin are.

 FREEDOM   gives you the exact steps, strategies, and 1-on-1 coaching for what to do as you implement tried and tested, proven strategies that ensure you create a business and receive consistent free-flowing leads and are able to convert them into high-paying clients.


You will be THE expert and authority in your community.


Plus, you’ll create momentum alongside a community of like-minded coaches committed to success and impact in their careers and lives. It's time to think and act like a World-Class Coach and make the difference you intended to make when you came into the industry.


Grow your Business. Increase your Income. Create Freedom.


This will be the most important mentorship you’ll ever experience…


T H E   E X P E R I E N C E

Here’s What You’ll  Experience  Over The 120 Days

Every Week You Will  Get... 

A LIVE hands-on group coaching and strategy call...

...PLUS a 1-on-1
Mentor Call

AND Lifetime Access to the FREEDOM Program

Whenever You Take  Action... 

You will have new questions and challenges. The Strong Coach Team will support you with individualized coaching so you know exactly what to do to keep your momentum going as you create your dream coaching business and freedom in your life

Receive actionable coaching and next steps while having all your questions answered PLUS  get a “peek in” on what the most successful Strong Coaches are doing today to expand their business and impact


Weekly Coaching  Calls

16 Weeks Of Group Coaching Calls AND 16 Weekly 1-on-1 Calls too...

To grow your coaching business fast, you need to know exactly what to do & how to do it.


During these calls you'll get individual coaching on the exact next steps to take for your business.


16 Week FREEDOM  Program

Lifetime Access to ALL modules and resources

A 16-week course to help you build a business where you:


- Work the hours you want

- Charge the rate you deserve

- Get your clients life change results

- Funnels money into your business supporting the life you’ve always seen for yourself



Access to  8 Week BUILD Program  ($500 Value)

A 6 Module "Must Have" Program Gives You:


The exact step-by-step best practices & principles, scripts & templates for every stage of the entire building cycle of your offering so you can create the foundations for long-term success… efficiently and effectively

Access to the Strong Coach Academy ($600 Value)

- Network & connect with Strong Coaches across the glove & learn from them inside the Coaches Cafe

- Get immediate access to best-in-class training + tech resources to implement in your business

- Receive exclusive access to LIVE trainings from Mike & experts in the fitness industry


Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Enroll in  FREEDOM  Today:

  • Lifetime Access To  FREEDOM   Program - 16 Week  Module Course

    1. Work The Hours You Want

    2. Charge The Rate You Deserve

    3. Get Your Clients Life Change Results

    4. Funnel Money Into Your Business Supporting The Life You’ve Always Seen For Yourself

  • 16  Weekly Group  Mentorship  Live Calls

    Get The Individualised Support You Need To Gain Clarity, Direction + Understanding To Overcome Your Challenges & Create Leverage and Flow for Yourself

  • 16 Weekly 1-on-1  Mentor  Calls

    Work 1-on-1 With Your Mentor to Dive Deeper Into The Individual Focal Points For Yourself & Co-Create Solutions + Projects Under The Mentorship Of A World-Class Coach

Plus These  Additional  Bonuses

  • Access to  The Strong Coach  Academy - ($1,997 Value)

    Learn from World-Class Coaches, Immediately Access Valuable Resources & Get Special Access to Live Expert Trainings

  • Lifetime Access to the  BUILD  Program - ($497 Value)

    Learn from World-Class Coaches, Immediately Access Valuable Resources & Get Special Access to Live Expert Trainings

  • Lifetime Access to our Strong Coach  Summit Video - ($2,997 Value)

    Dive Deep Into Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Onboarding, Finances and More with these Intimate Coaching Sessions

  • Add A Powerful Tool To Your Belt To Further Change Your Clients Lives, Charge More and Transform Your Internal Language To Focus On What You Want, Overcome Challenges Faster and Create More Flow In Your Days

To see if the program is the right fit for you, book a free strategy call by clicking the button below.

Michael Bledsoe



BenJoy is like a rare animal… incredibly hard to find as he’s created a life where he has total freedom to live wherever his heart calls him. A professional actor in a past life (*ask him to sing and dance “Pony” by Genuine for you…), BenJoy soon realised that he wasn’t living his dream - he was living someone else's. And so he dropped everything and began coaching Steel Mace in NYC and joined the Steel Mace Flow Education Team to teach certifications


After graduating from The Strong Coach, BenJoy realized it was the most inspirational work he’d ever done, found his true passion and made the commitment to lead as many coaches as he could to do the same


In his spare time you’ll find BenJoy summiting mountains, swimming in glacial rivers and leading a charge to #AbolishTimezones and Coach Anywhere in the World with ease - all whilst keep the fun level at a 13/10

And This Is Just One Of The Many Things That Makes  THE   STRONG COACH  Different To Everything And Everyone Else You’ve Ever Seen…


...our Coaches are Real People with decades of experience in the coaching world plus Psycho-Emotional Training to support you with psychological blocks, energy cultivation and more


This isn’t just about information, it’s about integration as well. The level of coaching provided by The Strong Coach is unfounded as you’ll be supported to work through your life + business challenges and increase your focus, vision, confidence and accountability


Here’s A Quick Glimpse Of The Level Of Support You Receive  FREEDOM :

  • LIVE Weekly Training 

  • Individual Coaching Calls from one of The Strong Coach Coaches

  • A Hand Selected, Personal Mentor (*who is a Strong Coach Graduate) for Extra Weekly Calls and Support

  • Lifetime Access to the Curriculum that’s continually updated

  • Access to The Strong Coach Academy

How Would You Like  These Results? 

I wanted to grow my coaching business but had absolutely no idea how. I had this notion that all of the certs would have made me successful. So I was frustrated about that not being the case. I felt lost. [Working with The Strong Coach] I started to actually see the processes of the business line up and began to actually get paid for helping people. [Now] I wake up every day on a mission and I get to live my perfect day.

Blake Conner

The Wholesome Habit Project

Not knowing where to prioritize was the biggest frustration…[Now] I’m launching a new product in a quarter of the time and it’s already selling before it’s even out.

Mike Salemi

World Champion Trainer, Coach and Creator of the Kettlebell Lifestyle

I had researched a lot of suggestions on how to become an online coach and was in information overload. This program supported me in creating the steps to make my goals a reality and now I am a full time health & nutrition coach creating the life I want for my daughter and myself.

Cassandra Poulis

Health & Nutrition Coach

 How Do I Know  FREEDOM  Is Right For Me?

To create success and freedom in your coaching business and life, the RIGHT habits & environments are essential (*just like they are for your clients). So we've created a comprehensive system that ensures you stay on the path - even if you have a bad day



    Through decades of trial and error and experiences, we refined and honed in our method. The fat has been trimmed, the complex has been made simple and solely the best-practices are what you’ll receive and focus on


    We are laser-focused on ONE outcome. It allows success to flow so much easier. Unlike other programs that teach anything that 'works', we are 100% committed to only the proven principles & strategies to grow a coaching business


    This isn't just about coaching success, it's about creating a life and business that is strong and built to last. Experience freedom for yourself, your family and your employees


    Receive small and simple steps to take - gone are the days of vague concepts and confusion. Every step is laid out in simple, focused detail… success is yours regardless your past experiences or current knowledge level


    We are ruthlessly committed to helping every single coach have a clear, empowering path to freedom - financially, geographically and energetically


    Strong Coaches are  heart-led, mission-driven, purpose-focused coaches who support one another launch and grow their business with what works. Gone are the days of “going it alone” - welcome to the family!

Oh… and in true Strong Coach Style we have a metric fuckton of fun :)
(*perhaps a little too much if such a thing exists)

But Guys, What If I’m A  Total Newbie  To The Coaching Game?

I lacked a lot of self-confidence to accomplish big dreams...It was extremely frustrating to have opportunities in front of me and not know what actions to take...The Strong Coach was like a missing link for the magic I’ve been casting over the years. 

Leo Savage Co-Founder

Creator of Steel Mace Flow Certification

Guys, Will I Really  Make Money , Grow My Business & Create Freedom In My Life?


I felt exhausted, drained, and defeated. I didn’t have enough time for myself. I was overworking myself...My job was my life and my monthly sales average was 5-6k in training packages. Now my life looks different and my monthly average is 12k in sales.​

Mikenna Kossaw​

Fitness Manager, Master Trainer

You Deserve These  Results  Too!


Click the button below and schedule a free strategy call with our team to see if Freedom is the right fit for you point👇

Hey Coach! Still Wondering If  FREEDOM  Is For You? Here’s just what a few of our Strong Coaches are saying…

“I knew The Strong Coach material was working for me when I was able to convert people who had turned down my previous offers. Now I am confident that I will convert the sale before getting on the call and I have been able to gradually increase my prices with fewer objections.”

Dustin Thibodeaux​

IG: @optimized_bythibs


FAQ. Your  Questions  Answered


I remember being  in your position back when I owned CrossFit Memphis…


I asked Doug to help me out.


We slept in a tiny crawl space above the office that barely have enough room to sit up in.


I was struggling for cash for fuel and food.


I was working my arse off to barely survive...


So if you're feeling new, nervous, scared or having any doubts whatsoever - I completely understand... 


 I’ve been  there. 


Any intelligent person will question a new business decision - and what you'll discover is that you have nothing to lose with this decision you're about to make.


I felt the exact same when I made the decision to attend Eben Pagan’s event...


I didn’t have the money. I had to borrow cash. But it’s the event that changed my life.


At it I learned to deliver a specific outcome in a specific amount of time.


The single choice to attend was my rocketship… Everything took off after it.


If you have any questions, below you'll find a deep-dive into those questions you might, or  should  be asking.


Whether you're a newbie or an experienced coach reading this who is trying to grow their gym or online business - I know  you've been taught a ton of old, archaic strategies  in the industry “claiming” doing  these specific  activities will get you real results...


Or maybe you’ve seen other “coaches” who literally know nothing about the industry selling you the next best online course.


 This is not that. 


We intentionally designed FREEDOM to be an implementation rocketship program  that gives you everything you need to build your dream coaching business and live your dream life. 


Hell, it’s exactly how I did it for myself...


This is NOT a course.


This is step-by-step coaching and a guided set of  proven systems and tools  specifically designed to build out everything needed for a successful, long-term coaching business.


 Hundreds of Thousands of coaches are pivoting (*or trying to) in the hope of thriving instead of surviving...  having the support you need from coaches who have created freedom and success for themselves is more important than ever for your success in business and also in life. (Yes, it's bold to say, but quite likely true.)


I put my name, my heart and my soul behind the Strong Coach Method and Community that I’m blessed to have built.


And as you've seen, you know I’ll do all I can to support you to get out of your own way,  so you can have everything YOU want. 


It’s not easy putting aside the feeling of fear.  I get that.  I really do…


Hell, I ended business’, marriage and life as I knew it because I was being called to more.


I know the feeling of fear well...


And if you have been with me this week, you know where my heart is.


You know  my intention to deeply support you  and help you become the coach you are meant to become.


All you have to do?


Take action. Step up. Make a decision and take the first step towards  creating a remarkable future in your business where you solely work with clients who fire you up and live a life you’re excited to wake up to every day. 


You've seen and heard from coaches exactly like you who got  incredible results in less than 8 weeks  and some inside just a few days. 


You’ve seen and heard about coaches who made a commitment when they had no idea HOW it would work, HOW they’d pay for it, or HOW any of it was possible...


...and you saw them talk about getting MORE than just new clients, extra business or more money. 


You saw them believe in themselves and create a whole new business and life...


A better one.


One that reflected their dreams.


No matter how things are there is always a next level for you... 


 I know you are capable of this  and I’d love to support you in creating the freedom and fulfillment you desire for yourself and those you love.


 The truth is that never before in history  has there been a time such as this where people NEED you this badly to help them through their pain and into a new place of promise.


This is YOUR time. This is the time of THE COACH.


And while we may rave about The Curiosity Game or Vision Casting… they’re just tools.


What is this really about?.


 It’s about you. 


The YOU who leads with courage, compassion, and a true commitment to transform your client’s lives.


The YOU who plans to make a meaningful, lifelong impact on the people and community you coach.


The YOU who has the understanding, clarity, certainty and direction in what to do next to build your dream coaching business and exactly how to execute it.


It’s why I created The Strong Coach.


People need your help… People are out there waiting for you to coach them.


You may  doubt  this. You may doubt me, whether this program will work for you, or whether you have what it takes to succeed (*hell, I know I did).


Yet the honest truth is these doubts are a normal part of life... they strengthen when your inner-voice and heart is calling you to step up.


If you know your doubt is holding you back from being the world-class coach you know you can be and creating freedom in your life - you need to ask yourself this question:


"Am I willing to let my doubt or fear be the reason I don’t create the freedom I want?”


Really ask yourself...


“Am I willing to let my fear be the reason I don’t achieve my goals, dreams and am successful?”


You know exactly why I'm asking you this question - it’s a question you ask your own clients...


Once you ask yourself this, there's no going back.


So, my friend, since you took on the 5 day challenge I will hold you to a high standard and respectfully challenge you.


I challenge you to  believe in yourself. 


I challenge you to  be stronger  than your  doubt. 


I challenge you to  be stronger  than your  fears. 


I challenge you to  be stronger  than your  money blocks or stress around time. 


I challenge you to step into being the world-class coach you are meant to be.


I challenge you to step courageously into your new reality.


I challenge you to start today and I promise to support you every step of the way.


All you have to do is take the first step - and join us right now.

Stay connected with our  FREEDOM Community 

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