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BenJoy is like a rare animal… incredibly hard to find as he’s created a life where he has total freedom to live wherever his heart calls him. A professional actor in a past life (*ask him to sing and dance “Pony” by Genuine for you…), BenJoy soon realised that he wasn’t living his dream - he was living someone else's. And so he dropped everything and began coaching Steel Mace in NYC and joined the Steel Mace Flow Education Team to teach certifications


After graduating from The Strong Coach, BenJoy realized it was the most inspirational work he’d ever done, found his true passion and made the commitment to lead as many coaches as he could to do the same


In his spare time you’ll find BenJoy summiting mountains, swimming in glacial rivers and leading a charge to #AbolishTimezones and Coach Anywhere in the World with ease - all whilst keep the fun level at a 13/10

How Would You Like  These Results? 

I wanted to grow my coaching business but had absolutely no idea how. I had this notion that all of the certs would have made me successful. So I was frustrated about that not being the case. I felt lost. [Working with The Strong Coach] I started to actually see the processes of the business line up and began to actually get paid for helping people. [Now] I wake up every day on a mission and I get to live my perfect day.

Blake Conner

The Wholesome Habit Project

Not knowing where to prioritize was the biggest frustration…[Now] I’m launching a new product in a quarter of the time and it’s already selling before it’s even out.

Mike Salemi

I had researched a lot of suggestions on how to become an online coach and was in information overload. This program supported me in creating the steps to make my goals a reality and now I am a full time health & nutrition coach creating the life I want for my daughter and myself.

Cassandra Poulis

Health & Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Coaches

Coaching in a box and want to build something online OR are already online and want to build - fast? We’ve got the perfect thing for you

Holistic Lifestyle Coaches

You’ve got all the skills - more than other coaches - it’s time to have the clients to coach with those skills

Breathwork Coaches

Coaching in a box and want to build something online OR are already online and want to build - fast? We’ve got the perfect thing for you

Nutrition Coaches

Want to talk about more than just “macros”, “carbs”, and be a force in the nutrition industry?

Mindset & Storywork Coaches

Help people see and feel what you do as a coach & have an endless list of clients wanting your services

Powerlifting/Weightlifting Coaches

Stand out as the industry leading coach you are in this saturated niche of the market

But Guys, What If I’m A  Total Newbie  To The Coaching Game?

I lacked a lot of self-confidence to accomplish big dreams...It was extremely frustrating to have opportunities in front of me and not know what actions to take...The Strong Coach was like a missing link for the magic I’ve been casting over the years. 

Leo Savage Co-Founder

Creator of Steel Mace Flow Certification

Guys, Will I Really  Make Money , Grow My Business & Create Freedom In My Life?


I felt exhausted, drained, and defeated. I didn’t have enough time for myself. I was overworking myself...My job was my life and my monthly sales average was 5-6k in training packages. Now my life looks different and my monthly average is 12k in sales.​

Mikenna Kossaw​

Fitness Manager, Master Trainer

“I knew The Strong Coach material was working for me when I was able to convert people who had turned down my previous offers. Now I am confident that I will convert the sale before getting on the call and I have been able to gradually increase my prices with fewer objections.”

Dustin Thibodeaux​

IG: @optimized_bythibs


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