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Why Do Some Coaches Make Plenty Of Money Without All The Stress?

In 3 days, get the strategies, frameworks, and community that are the foundation for the success of top coaches and gyms.

More Profit | More Impact | More Fun

3 Days Can Change Your Life

I’ve been there myself. I used to sleep in the crawl space of my gym to save money on rent...and I could still barely make it. I used to be a poster boy for more work is better...until it broke my body. 

The problems with your coaching business are solvable. The speakers and the others in attendance have faced the same sorts of issues, felt the same doubts, and found solutions. 

3 days can change your life!

The Strong Coach Summit Is For Coaches Of All Levels And Specialties

Personal trainers Coaches on staff Bootcamp coaches CrossFit coaches Successful gym owners Struggling gym owners Online coaches Nutrition experts Martial arts instructors

Doing MORE of the SAME Won’t Solve Your Problems

“Keep going!” “Don’t quit!” “Push harder!” Coaches push their athletes with phrases like that, but so many coaches take the same approach to growing their business and it’s burning them out. 

More of the same will burn you out, but it won’t get your business where you want it to be. Instead, you need a pause button and a framework. Coaches pour out so much energy and concern, but you need people to pour into you. You need a community of people who have experienced the same issues and can problem solve with you. 

Growing your coaching business can feel like a maze. The Strong Coach Summit is 3 days  where we will lift you out of the twists and turns so you get a bird’s eye view. The speakers, strategies, frameworks, and fun will be the reset button you’ve been looking for. 

Coaching can be fun, impactful, and profitable. We want to help you get there.

1. Click Apply Now

Fill out the short questionnaire and get on a call with Danny. It will help you zero in on what you and your business need to grow. 

2. Party Time At The Summit

Get out of your regular routine and shake up the way you’ve been operating. Everything is geared to getting you refocused and recharged so you can hit the ground running. 

3. Making Your Coaching Dreams Happen

You’ll have proven frameworks, new tricks and, more importantly, a community of coaches supporting your growth.

What Makes Some Coaches So Successful?

  • Business strategies?
  • Business systems?
  • Marketing?

Yes, those are important, but why do some people get the right systems and strategies and others don’t? It’s your community. 

A community of others pushing forward together gives the right amount of positive peer pressure. Without some positive pressure to try new things in new ways you stay stuck in the way you’ve been operating. Staying in the same way you’ve been operating will give you the same results. 

You can create what you imagine. You can have the coaching business you dream of. It’s time to stack the deck in your favor. 

Take yourself out of your normal routine and join forces with other coaches all committed to growth.

What Holds Most Coaches Back?

Story #1: I just need to get more experience or certifications so I can charge more money

How many people with a PhD are out of work or barely making it? A lot. 

Certifications and the “right” experience are crutches people lean on when they are too afraid or confused to do the work that will move the needle. 

Certifications are everywhere. Solid training templates and demos are available for free online. The knowledge that used to distinguish a coach is now a commodity. 

Unless you are brand new, with zero experience and zero certifications, this is a story that will hold you back.

Story #2: I just need more clients

This is an easy story to tell yourself. It feels true because clients are the ones who give you money. 

But what happens to a system that isn’t designed for success when it gets flooded? That’s right, it breaks. 

You don’t need more clients. You need the right clients and you need to have the right offers in place. 

More is not better. Better is creating a game you can win and playing that game well. 

Story #3: The market is too saturated 

There are gyms everywhere. Hell, people can sign up for a membership for $10 or $12 a month for some of the giant gyms. 

This story makes sense when you think that being a part of the fitness industry means that you are in competition with the status quo. 

Coaching, as an industry, is expanding, but successful coaching is altogether different from the market at large. Pretending that you’re in competition with all the gyms will get you stuck and keep you stuck.

Top Coaches Think Differently

We all have stories. It’s about your relationship to the stories that run your life. 

It’s not that top coaches don’t get stuck. Instead, they know that how they do things is simply based on stories. 

If they’re stuck, it’s a matter of changing the story. And they aggressively go after finding and implementing what will work. 

Books are good. Podcasts are great. Courses do wonders, but the best “shortcut” is to be a part of a group of people moving in the direction you want to go. 

Everyone is limited by the way they currently operate. Your business is holding where it is because of you. 

To change your business, get into a group of people who are hell bent on growth and adaptation...and having a good time along the way.

Meet Your Speakers

AJ Roberts - Automate the mundane and put your creative energy in the most valuable places
Liz Germain - Get the most out of YouTube
Bren Davis - Make Facebook your friend
Dmitriy Kozlov - Branding that works for you
Brandon Powell - One of Wim Hof’s top instructors. Your breath is powerful for health and taking on new challenges.

Growth Is More Than Information Gathering

Growth happens from a place of creativity and through relationship. That’s why the Summit is designed to get you out of your normal mindset and put you around others who will become your growth partners. 

Schedule overview:

  • Settle in on Tuesday night (7-9pm) with a fun activity, tacos, and beer (optional)
  • Morning breathwork with Brandon Powell (one of Wim Hof’s top instructors)
  • Business and marketing sessions from 9am to 5pm
  • Afternoon play time with a full outdoor CrossFit gym
  • Steel mace sessions (everyone gets a mace!) with Leo Savage
  • Jambo Superfoods providing edible THC and CBD after daily sessions end
  • Friday night send off with a party

Seek And Destroy Your Limiting Stories

Knowing that you have stories running your life is one thing. It’s another thing to identify and purposefully change those stories. 

All attendees get access to the new Enlifted program taught by Mike Bledsoe and Mark England. 

Get the tools to notice and upgrade your underlying habits. It’ll make you a better athlete and coach.

Doing what you’re doing now, where will your business be next year? We’re ready to help you coach the 21st century.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the honest truth… you will never be 100% ready. And if you’re waiting for the “perfect time” it will never happen. You’re only delaying your dreams from coming true. So if you’re serious about reaching your financial and business goals… just start. You’ll never regret taking a chance on yourself.

Because waiting is only costing you money. You can keep digging around for the next one-size-fits-all online course or read another self-help or business book… in reality, you’re getting left behind.

Right now there are 100+ entrepreneurs of all levels who have graduated from The Strong Coach Program and they are all moving FAST. Building relationships and partnerships that 10X their investment from day one. Men and women who are taking action and getting a year’s worth of results in 90 days or less. The sooner you gain clarity of vision for your path... the quicker you'll see increase in profits.

I’ve been there. When I hired my first business coach I didn't have the money either. I had to scramble 2 credit cards together just to afford it. Yet I knew the only person responsible for investing in my goals, is me. And the same goes for you. Remember, it doesn’t take money to make money… it takes guts and courage.

Here’s more good news… when you join the mastermind you immediately get access to myself, the coaches, and other exclusive bonuses that will make your investment back before the next event. Including a 30 minute VIP call... where myself or coaches will find out where you’re at in your business and the very first money-making steps you can make to cash-in quickly. I’ll also give you the entire set of 0-6 Figure Formula Videos so you can unlock BIG money ideas for your business, right away.

Plus, you’ll be added to our private Facebook community so you can be surrounded with other like-minded coaches to prepare you for take off. All to say...

You’re not signing up today then “waiting” until the event. 

TODAY is the start of your newfound success.

Yes. And with great success too. We've helped five women in the group break 5 figures after a few weeks of joining. We have another on pace for 6-figures in less than 3 months. And we have a multi 6-figure earner and a female doing multi 7-figures each year. And many other women in our mastermind are launching their products, growing their following, and even quitting their jobs and living out their passion full time.

The market was already saturated in 2007 when I first started. So much that my coach begged me not to go into the space for my business. I’d say it worked out just fine. Truth is...

There are 7 billion people in the world. To have a 6 figure business all you need are 167 customers paying you $47 a month. Do you think we can help you get 167 paying customers at $47 month?

Or maybe you’re an online coach… all you need are 42 clients paying you $200 a month and you’re already a 6-figure earner. Do you think we can help you get 42 clients payings you $200 a month? The answer is YES.

Here’s what I’m getting at. There's no shortage of opportunity to succeed in ANY market.

Here’s the gist. You get what you put in. Meaning, when you join the mastermind… come to every meeting. Engage in our coaching calls. Take notes. Shake hands. Be proactive, honest, and commit to the long game.

We aren’t miracle workers. Sure, we’re good… really, really good. Yet building a successful business takes time and pivoting. Ask any 6 or 7 figure earner in the room if you can build a big business in two months and they’ll laugh. My advice to you? Follow the “character blueprint” of my top students above… and watch your money grow.

You don’t have to. You need consistent cash flow to fund your business.

For that reason we don't advise quitting your job until your “side thing” becomes your “main thing”... a sustainable profit source.

Have long term vision. Use your job to fund your business so you can continue making the investments you need for speed of results. No reason to put so much pressure on yourself by killing off the source making you money right now.

No. This is a personalized coaching program. Meaning myself and four other coaches will give you the exact strategies to move the barriers you need moved and win the battles you’re currently fighting so you can finally build the mega-profitable business you want.

It’s for all levels of entrepreneurs. 70% of our group are under 6 figures and 30% are 6-7 figure earners. The #1 thing they have in common is they’re reaching record numbers and growth in their businesses month over month regardless of their starting point.

Absolutely. It’s also for gym owners who want elite online marketing strategies to grow your gym business and become the go-to gym in your area. We focus on doubling/tripling the recurring revenue to your gym before transitioning to online coaching or information products.

Don’t let one bad experience ruin an opportunity to take your business to the next level. We’ve got a room of 100+ serious entrepreneurs, high-caliber guest speakers, and a community of coaching and support that’s second to none. If you want to score with people like that and gain an experience that will pay you back tenfold and greater… this is a no brainer.

No. Success is your responsibility. If you can’t extract one or two 10x ideas or partnerships in a room with some of the top entrepreneurs in the space… you're not cut out for this. It sounds harsh… yet that’s how confident we are in the knowledge we teach and the caliber of guests we bring to our events.


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